"Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Workshop Information Sheet 2022-2023
Workshop Title: Family Learning - Plant a seed and watch it grow

Who is the course for?
This workshop is for parents/guardians and children interested in learning the basics of growing plants indoors on a windowsill. They will learn how to sow seeds in pots and care for them indoors.
This course may give parents skill to help support their children to learn an enjoyable activity and develop an interest in horticulture and nature.

Do you gain any qualifications?
This is a 2hr workshop, it is not accredited.

Do you need to be interviewed or assessed before enrolling on the course?
No. Please note it is important that you turn up for the session on time.

You will learn how to : -
• prepare alternative ‘pots’
• how to sow a seed/seeds in a pot
• how to water and care for a seed/seedling
• make a seed tag

Essential equipment and resources
• compost, pots, eco-friendly alternatives to bought pots - loo rolls, egg boxes, newspaper; DIY pot making equipment
• small plastic lids, small clear poly bags, elastic bands, paper plates, lolly sticks, pencils
• spoons/small shovels, disposable gloves, table covering, small water containers
• All items will be proivded by WFALS

What next? You can progress onto our courses in the following areas - Creative, Health and Wellbeing, English, Maths, Horticuture, Employment or take up a qualification course"
Prosp Content
2.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks