"""Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Course Information Sheet 2022-2023
Course Title: A Parents Guide to Understanding Phonics KS1

Who is the course for?
Parents, or anyone interested in Phonics, no prior knowledge required. You need to have a good basic level of reading and writing in English to attend this course. This course is aimed at parents who speak english as a second language
You will learn: -
• Phonics is a way of teaching reading where your child is taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. Children can then start to read
• How blending the sounds together help children to read or write words.
• This course will help you to develop a better understanding of phonics and how it is taught in school.
• How you will be able to support your child(ren)'s progress in reading.

Do you gain any qualifications?
No – this course is not accredited but you will receive a completion certificate if you attend 80% of the course.

Do you need to be interviewed or assessed before enrolling on the course?
No, but the first session will be used to identify your current level of English, particularly writing and reading skills, and identify if this course is likely to support you to progress

Essential equipment and resources
• Writing Pens x 2
• A4 writing paper
• Internet access of laptop or mobile phone.
• Coloured dividers
• A4 folder to keep all your work
• Internet access of laptop or mobile phone.

What next?
You can progress onto our courses in the following areas Careers for all, Health and Wellbeing, Culture and Creative and the Family Learning program"""
Prosp Content
2.00 hrs per wk
2 weeks