"Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Workshop Information Sheet 2022- 2023
Course Title: Family Learning – Parents Let's Get Creative with Books

Who is the course for?
This course is aimed at parents /learners who would like to learn how to use books to support their children with reading, engagement in books and develop a love of books. Come along and learn how you can help your child's development through creativity .
Do you gain any qualifications?
No – this course is not accredited but you will receive a completion certificate if you attend 80% of the course.

Do you need to be interviewed or assessed before enrolling on the course?
No. Please note it is important that you turn up for the lesson on time and that you are responsible for your children at all times within the session.

You will learn to: -
• Engage your child in reading
• Be creative with books
• Create resources to encourage your child to read
• Support your child in developing a love of books
• Link reading and writing activities
• Support your child in learning to read

Essential equipment and resources
• Writing Pens x 2
• A4 writing paper
• Internet access
• 30 minutes
• A space to be creative with you child
• Internet access of laptop or mobile phone.

What next?
You can progress onto our courses in the following areas - Careers for All, Health and Wellbeing, Families Program or Culture and Creative Program.

Prosp Content
2.00 hrs per wk
4 weeks