"This course is accredited by Gateway. You will gain an Essential Digital Skills Qualification at Entry 3. You will learn the following:
• Understand what is meant by hardware, software, operating systems and applications; locate and install an application; apply system settings, including those for accessibility
• Navigate online content using hyperlinks, menus and other navigation elements to locate required information; carry out searches to find information and content
• Open, read and save information from/to a file using appropriate naming conventions; work with files and folders to store, organise and retrieve information using local and remote storage
• Recognise when a technical problem has been encountered, solve simple technical problems, and seek assistance when unable to solve a technical

Before joining the course you will need to complete a short assessment to make sure this course is suitable for you, unless you have completed E2 course and are progressing to the next level."
Prosp Content
4.00 hrs per wk
11 weeks