Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Course Information Sheet 2022-2023

Course Title: Slow Contemplative stitch

Course Description:
This is an online delivery course meaning that all sessions will take place online. You will need a working internet connection and computer with which you can log into a zoom session in order to attend online session

Create a beautiful textile whilst giving yourself some sewing therapy. Stitching with sewing machines is fast and can be stressful, but during this course you will be encouraged to slow down and practice your hand sewing at a calmer pace. We will cover some other techniques eg. Applique + some embroidery stitches. Your inspiration can match your slow stitching and include: nature, flowers, birds, people, words etc.
Your final textile can then be used in any way you choose: for a garment, cushion cover, blanket, scarf etc. use new and recycled fabrics to create something extra special.

This course is ideal for beginners who would like to make samples of fabric flowers and also for those with some sewing experience who would like to refresh their skills

Course Information:
You will cover:
• Using hand stitching: running stitch + backstitch
• Some embroidery stitches eg. satin, french knot, blanket
• Applique: using new + recycled fabrics

Please also bring: Pen, paper, A4 folder to collate handouts, samples etc, a mixture of sewing needles, sewing threads + a basic sewing kit
Basic sewing kit: fabric scissors, pins, thread nippers/small scissors, tape measure, sewing threads

Entry requirements:
This course is suitable for beginners and those with more experience

you can enrol onto many of the creative courses available, including Start Sewing, Dressmaking and other arts and crafts classes.

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Prosp Content
2.00 hrs per wk
3 weeks