" ""This is an online delivery course meaning that all sessions will take place online. You will need a working internet connection and computer with which you can log into a zoom session in order to attend online sessions. Course Title: Stencil Printing (Pochoir)- Online
Course Description:
This course is for anyone interested in learning some of the creative processes involved in Stencil Printing also known as Pochoir. During this 5 week course you will cut and print your own stencils to develop into prints using a range of techniques.

Course Information:

During this course you will explore the materials and methods involved in Stencil Printing.

You will transform your own drawings and photographs into reusable stencils to make a variety of hand printed outcomes such as original prints and cards.

You will explore different stencil making and printing techniques to develop your skills

Have 1:1 help with the development of ideas and for support.

You will need:
These items can be bought from either Hobby Craft, Essdee Arts and crafts or on Amazon

Relief printing ink, black plus yellow, red and blue. You can buy inks individually or in sets
Acrylic Paints- any
A Roller, 10-15cm is a good width but any other sizes will also do
A printing tray for rolling out your inks, this can be a piece of glass or plastic
Paper to print onto

(including essential equipment)
Entry requirements:
This course is suitable for beginners and for those with more experience wanting to incorporate print into their work

Progression: you can enroll onto many of the creative courses available, arts and crafts etc. Please see our website for the full list of courses available.

Prosp Content
2.00 hrs per wk
3 weeks