" Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Course Information Sheet 2022-2023
Course Title: Develop Drawing Techniques - CLASSROOM

Course Description:
This course is ideal for those with some experience with drawing and/or those who have attended Start Drawing courses and would like to refresh and develop their skills.

Course Information:
This friendly course is designed to help you progress your drawing skills and help you to learn to look and describe what you see with sensitivity and energy.

You will be gently guided through line, tone, colour and texture to maximise your potential, enjoy your own style and handle your tools with style.

You will discover that drawing with pen, pencils or pastels will enhance your approaches and help develop your work with a greater understanding of what makes an interesting, successful image. Learning to look is so important to drawing and you will emerge from this course with enhanced observational skills.

You will explore the traditional subjects of still life and landscapes and will be encouraged to try different techniques in a supportive, relaxed atmosphere, to find your own unique style.

The course will help you plan and compose successful images, experimenting with various drawing techniques including:

• Using various media including pencils, pastels, charcoal, pen, inks and paints
• Line, tone, light, texture, perspective, washes
• Colour theory and practice
• Mark making
• Selecting and preparing paper

Essential Equipment:
You will need to provide your own equipment. Some limited materials will be available to try, but you will need a basic set of equipment including;
• A sketch book or single sheets of A3 paper of various surface - suitable for pastels, watercolours, pencil etc

Progression: you can enroll onto many of the creative courses"
Prosp Content
3.00 hrs per wk
6 weeks