Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Course Information Sheet 2022-2023

Course Title: Making a Nuno Felt scarf

Course Description:
This course is for anyone wanting to create a lovely felt scarf using a nuno method e.g. attaching the fibres to a fine fabric base. The course is for learners with either no previous experience or some experience. Use a fine sheer fabric to attach your wool fibres. Create your own individual designs and patterns with ease. You can extend your learning at home to create a range of gifts for your friends or make a special accessory to match an outfit.

Course Information:
You will cover?

• How to attach fibres to fabric
• Mix your own colours
• Create some fine pre-felt
• Make your own design
• Develop your own ideas

What will you need for the course?

• Note book and pen to make notes
• Bar of olive soap or simple soap
• Sharp scissors
• Plastic bag to transport your work home
• Large towel
• Plastic pockets for handouts (approximately 3)
• Disposable gloves (useful if you have an allergy to soap products)
• Bring along some of your own ideas for inspiration, colour and pattern

Entry requirements:
This course is suitable for beginners or those wanting to work on existing skills

Progression: you can enroll onto many of the creative courses available, arts and crafts etc. Please see our website for the full list of courses available.
Prosp Content
5.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks