" Course Title: Landscapes in Oils
Course Description:
Have you always wanted to paint landscapes with oils but weren’t sure where to start? Have you some experience of painting or drawing but are feeling a little rusty or confused?
Whatever your ability, if you would like some practical, gentle guidance in composing landscape studies, this course is for you.
Course Information:
The course will help participants plan and compose successful images, experimenting with different oil techniques and elements of oil painting including:
• Preparing surfaces/support for work
• Discover how colours behave and how to harness them to describe various sources of inspiration - this course will help you get the most from your palette
• Exploring colour theory, colour mixing practice using various mediums
• You will be guided through line, tone, hue and texture
• We will address how to plan and compose successful images
• You will experiment with different techniques
• You will go through a series of exercises designed to look and describe what you see with exciting marks, sensitive handling of different materials and combinations of different media
• You will be encouraged to appreciate the unique marks you make
• Create observational studies to discover what magic you can do, achieving a new insight into scenes and objects from daily life
• You will learn how to make work confidently for yourself and ways to express yourself through painting

This friendly short course is designed to help you gain confidence in oil painting and help you to learn to look and describe what you see with sensitivity and energy.
You will be gently guided through line, tone, colour and texture to maximise your"
Prosp Content
3.00 hrs per wk
3 weeks