"Waltham Forest Adult Learning Service
Course Information Sheet 2022-2023
Course Title: Develop Oil Painting

""This is a blended delivery course meaning that some sessions will take place face-to-face in the classroom and some will take place online. You will need a working internet connection and computer with which you can attend log into a zoom session in order to attend the online sessions.
Course Description:
This course is ideal for those with some experience with oil painting and/or attended Start Oil courses and would like to refresh and develop their skills.
Course Information:
• This course will help learners get the most from their palettes.
• Preparing surfaces/support for work
• Discover how colours behave and how to harness them to describe various sources of inspiration.
• Explore colour theory, colour mixing practice using various mediums.
• Will be guided through line, tone, hue and texture.
• Plan and compose successful images.
• Experimenting with different techniques.
• Series of exercises designed to look and describe what you see with exciting marks, sensitive handling of different materials and combine different media.
• Encouraged to appreciate the unique marks made by the learner.
• Ways to express yourself through painting
• Achieving a new insight into scenes and objects from daily life.
• Create observational studies to discover what magic you can do.
• How to make work confidently for yourself.
(including essential equipment)
An apron is advisable to keep your clothes clean.

Learners will need to provide their own equipment. You will be advised on the first session what is needed to build in to your materials. Some limited materials will be available to try, but you will need a basic set of equipment including;
o Paper/board/canvas support suitable for oil painting
o One or two brushes suitable for oils
o Basic oil paints
o Thinners (white spirit/turps)
o Colours suggested;
Cadmium yellow, Lemon yellow, Yellow ochr
Prosp Content
3.00 hrs per wk
5 weeks