" Course Title: Art: Painting with Watercolours and Inks - CLASSROOM DELIVERY
Course Description: Relax and learn new skills. Gain confidence in watercolours and inks. This course is suitable for all abilities, especially beginners and those that are rusty

Course Information:
This friendly course is designed to help you and help you to learn to look and describe what you see with sensitivity and energy. This course will enable learners to explore the following:
• Wet-in-wet
• Line, tone, light, texture, perspective, washes
• Colour theory and practice
• Mark making and wax resist
• Selecting and preparing paper .

• You may want to bring some of the following equipment if you have it
o A sketch book – size A3 and portfolio
o Coloured and textured papers
o A pencil
o One or two brushes suitable for watercolours (A round size 10 or 12)
o Watercolours
o Inks, nibs and drawing ink

If you do not have these items, we can provide them.

Entry Requirements:
This course may not be suitable for learners with SEN – please enquire first.

Prosp Content
3.00 hrs per wk
8 weeks