"Course Title: Crafts - Drawing from Nature
Course Description: Relax and learn new skills. This course is a taster session for learners who would like an introduction to drawing from observation.

Course Information:

During this taster session we will:

• Draw in line – using contour lines to show the shape and detail of a structure
• Render textures – look at how to describe the surface of your subject matter
• Look at a variety of subject matter including dried seeds, leaves, feathers and fresh produce
• You will have group tuition, demonstrations and one to one support

Essential Equipment:
Basic materials will be provided.
It is advisable to wear old clothes and/or bring an apron as some sessions may be messy.

Entry Requirements:
Suitable for beginners who would like to try drawing and the more experienced who have had a break from drawing from direct observation.
This course may not be suitable for learners with SEN – please enquire first."
Prosp Content
2.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks